Funding for beneficiaries


Financing for beneficiaries

Polish  entrepreneurs  can take advantage of preferential debt financing in the  framework of European Union programs for the period 2014-2020: COSME, Horizon 2020 and EaSI.

The offer  is  available  from  the  so-called.  National  Financial  Intermediaries:  they  are  banks, leasing companies, loan funds, etc., have signed relevant agreements with the European institutions.  The  offer  will  be  extended with new products intermediaries, including in the framework of the next EU programs (including the Creative Europe).

Preferential financing for entrepreneurs

In the context of the current offer of financial instruments of EU programs, entrepreneurs can count on preferential:

  • investment loans
  • working capital loans
  • leasing
  • loans

Offer preferential financing is available for many groups of entrepreneurs, including, among others:

  • for start-ups
  • for self-employed and micro-entrepreneurs
  • for small and medium-sized enterprises from all sectors
  • for large

Funds may be used for investment and working capital, including on:

  • establishing and developing a business
  • research and innovation
  • the purchase of transport
  • funding for contracts

With the support of the European Commission, the funding for entrepreneurs in the framework of EU programs is available on preferential terms. Businesses can count among the following benefits:

  • no or lower the required security
  • no or lower the required down payment
  • access to finance for companies without a credit history
  • a higher amount, extended funding
  • reduction margin
  • lack of status and burdens of public aid
  • financing with EU support available without EU applications, deadlines and cable
  • offer it is readily available (all of Poland, a few thousand. units)
  • and a large selection of running a wide range of instruments

In addition to debt instruments (loans, leasing, loan) under the financial instruments of EU programs will also be available equity financing (eg. by venture capital funds).

Offer National Financial Intermediaries EU programs

Provide funding for the so-called preferential Financial Intermediaries Nation EU Programs. The current offer includes financing: 1. for small and medium entrepreneurs, 2. for innovators 3. for micro and social enterprises and 4. for large projects.

1. Funding for small and medium-sized enterprises within the COSME

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

Under the COSME program, 10 commercial banks and cooperative banking group offers preferential loans to the equivalent of 150 thousand. euros for micro, small and medium-sized  enterprises. These  banks  are  involved  in  the  program  through  the    Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, which provides them with the support of the EU guarantees. With the guarantee, covering the period up to 99 months for investment loans and to 27 months for working capital loans, entrepreneurs using the offer does not have to provide collateral property. For taking a loan guarantee fee charged is low (1% per year), and the application for the guarantee is taken at the time of loan application. The so-called loans guarantee PLG-COSME are available from the following brokers:


PKO Leasing

PKO Leasing (formerly Raiffeisen-Leasing Polska) under the COSME offers preferential leasing and loan in the amount of 100 to 600 thousand. PLN. Preference for clients consist, among others, the availability of financing for entrepreneurs considered to be riskier (short-time business, a worse rating, etc.), the reduction of the initial fee, or on the extension of the funding period. Participation in the EU program also allows the financing of unconventional projects that involve higher risk. About the offer.

2. Financing for innovators

PKO Leasing

PKO Leasing (formerly Raiffeisen-Leasing Polska) also offers preferential leasing and loans under the facility InnovFin Horizon 2020 funding in the range of 100 thousand. – 4 million PLN (25 – 930 thousand. EUR) is designed for companies employing up to 500 employees, which meet at least one of the so-called. innovation criteria. About the offer.

3. Funding for micro and social enterprises

Inicjatywa Mikro

Preferential microloans to micro-entrepreneurs offers Inicjatywa Mikro, financial intermediary EU program for employment and social innovation “EaSI”. The offer was launched in December 2015. and it will be active until May 2018. Or to the use of funds. Funding provided by the intermediary is available, among others, for those entrepreneurs who can not rely on the use of the banking offer, eg. due to unfavorable credit history. Offer Initiative Micro
Nest Bank

Nest Bank provides preferential financing to micro-entrepreneurs under the program EASI. The Bank offers loans of up to 100 thousand PLN with low margins, zero commission and without the need to provide “hard” security.

Offer Nest Bank: BIZnest loan in installments – Loan Guarantee from EaSI


Furthermore, under the European Progress Microfinance Facility is available preferential microloans (up to 25 thousand. Euros) for the development of micro-enterprises. Funding  is available, among others, for the self-employed has a range of Towarzystwo Inwestycji Społeczno-Ekonomicznych TISE S.A.

Offer TISE S.A.: microloan under the Instrument for Progress

TISE S.A. also offers preferential loans to social enterprises, launched under EaSI: product description TISE

4. Financing for large projects

Businesses implementing projects of significant value, related to the activities of research and innovation, who seek financing with a value of over 7,5 million euro, can take advantage of loans offered under the instruments InnovFin the program Horizon 2020 (InnovFin Large Projects, InnovFin MidCap Growth finance). These loans are offered by the European Investment Bank, without intermediaries national.

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The European Investment Bank also provides financing for investment projects with a value of 25 million euro in the framework of the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI), part of the Investment Plan for Europe.

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