The offer of the National Financial Intermediaries of the EU programs – AntyCovid19:

Preferential financing is provided by the National Financial Intermediaries of the  EU Programs. The current offer involves debt financing

  1. for small and medium-sized enterprises,
  2. for innovators,
  3. for micro-entrepreneurs and for social enterprises,
  4. for entrepreneurs from the cultural and creative sectors,
  5. equity financing,
  6. loans for large projects.

The platform of the current Polish Financial Intermediaries of the EU Framework Programs 2014-2020

/almost 200 financial institutions/

Preferential loans for entrepreneurs

Loans for entrepreneurs from the cultural and creative sectors

Preferential loans for entrepreneurs

Loans for entrepreneurs from the cultural and creative sectors

Direct financing

Leasing or leasing loans

Loans to SMEs and microfinance

Financing of social enterprises


Private debt financing

Capital investments

  1. Financing for small and medium enterprises under the COSME program

Do you need funds to maintain or develop your business?

Within COSME, 10 commercial banks and 2 associations of cooperative banks with 180 affiliated cooperative banks offering preferential loans to the amount of 600 thousand  zlotys for micro, small and medium enterprises. These banks participate in the program through Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, which provides them with guarantees with EU support. Thanks to the guarantee, which covers a period of up to 99 months in the case of investment loans and up to 39 months in the case of working capital loans, entrepreneurs using the offer do not have to provide collateral. The commission charged for issuing the guarantee to a loan is low (1% or 0.7% per annum), and the application for issuing the guarantee is received at the time of loan application. The so-called PLG-COSME guarantee loans are available at the following intermediaries:

Description of the PLG-COSME guarantee of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego:

Bank Pekao SA offers preferential loans for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with the guarantee of the COSME program. The maximum loan amount is PLN 12.9 million (equivalent to EUR 3 million). The preferences for entrepreneurs involve, i.a. financing enterprises with a short period of activity. In turn, enterprises operating for at least 3 years may take advantage of a loan with the amount of the own contribution reduced to 10%. The total portfolio of preferential financing with the COSME guarantee in Bank Pekao’s offer amounts to PLN 1.2 billion.

As part of the COSME program, PKO Leasing offers preferential leasing and loans of up to PLN 1.5 million. Preferences for customers consist in the resignation from the requirement of additional material security, and on simplifying and shortening the procedure for granting financing. The offer can also be used by entrepreneurs considered as more risky, e.g. those starting their own business. The participation in the EU program also allows for the financing of unconventional projects which involve a higher risk. PKO Leasing plans to grant a total of PLN 1.5 billion of preferential financing with a COSME guarantee.

  1. Financing for innovators

CVI Dom Maklerski (CVI) offers preferential private debt financing for innovative entrepreneurs with less than 500 employees. Financing in the range of PLN 8-30 million is provided under the corporate bonds fund of Open Finance Corporate Obligations FIZAN co-managed by CVI and Noble Funds TFI. Thanks to the CVI agreement with the European Investment Fund, CVI is able to lower the financing price. The offer will be active until the second quarter of 2020 or until the portfolio of PLN 834 million is used up.

Information about the offer

  1. Financing for micro-entrepreneurs and social enterprises

Preferential loans for micro-entrepreneurs with a short (up to three years) period of operation are offered by Bank Pekao SA. The offer includes investment loans up to the amount of PLN 100 thousand. PLN and overdraft facilities up to 20 thousand. PLN, secured with a free 80% guarantee under the EaSI program. The offer will be available for 5 years or until the limit is reached (a total of PLN 60 million). Information about the offer.

TISE S.A. offers preferential loans to social enterprises launched under the EaSI program. A loan of up to PLN 1.5 million may be granted for up to 7 years. The maximum interest rate is 8.5%. Information about the offer

  1. Financing for entrepreneurs from the cultural and creative sectors

The guarantees secure up to 80% of the loan amount in the maximum amount of PLN 8.4 million. Guarantees may be granted for a period of 99 months in the case of investment loans and 27 months in the case of working capital loans.

The entrepreneurs can apply for the loan with guarantees dedicated for enterprises from the cultural and creative sectors in 5 banks. Creative Europe guarantees are granted on the basis of de minimis aid.

The offer is available at the following banks:

  1. Financing for large projects or entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs implementing projects of significant value related to research and innovation and looking for financing in excess of EUR 7.5 million, can take advantage of loans offered under the InnovFin instruments of the Horizon 2020 program. These loans are offered by the European Investment Bank, without the participation of national intermediaries.

The European Investment Bank also offers financing for investment projects starting from EUR 25 million under the European Fund for Strategic Investments which is a part of the Investment Plan for Europe.